First Review Progress

During the 1st year of the project, despite of Covid-Pandemic conditions, the consortium has consolidated and well advanced, in accordance with the plan of the project. Significant progress has been made in all 4 scientific work-packages :


  • A phase stable voltage pulse generator has been realized which allows to generate very clean Lorentzian voltage pulsed with a temporal width down to 50 picoseconds.


  • Using opto-electronic conversion ultrafast voltage pulses down to 1.1 picoseconds at ambient temperature have been generated.
  • Implementing plasmonic resonators allowed to increase the conversion efficiency by more than a factor of 2 compared to standard photo switches.
  • A batch of ballistic injection p-n junction devices have been fabricated. Optical scanning stages have been constructed onto a bottom-loading probe in a dilution refrigerator.


  • Successful nanofabrication of wave-guide interferometers compatible with voltage pulse injection.
  • Proof of principle measurements of two-particle Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometry with continuous wave signals


  • First release of the open-source software T-KWANT for time dependent simulation of quantum nanoelectronics:
  • Implementing the analysis of interaction effects on multi-electron emission and on particle propagation.
  • Electrostatic modelling, material calibration, and 2D simulations of HEMTs

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