UltraFastNano is a FET-OPEN project under the call — FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking — of the EU HORIZON 2020 programme

Grant agreement ID: 862683

The aim of UltraFastNano is to develop electronic generation and detection in nanoelectronic devices at the picosecond scale

Goal of UltraFastNano:

A key deliverable of UltraFastNano is (i) the demonstration of the first electronic flying quantum bit, a paradigm-shifting approach to quantum computing and quantum communication. Besides, such a technology would enable major new applications such as (ii) electronic sources and detectors that operate at the picosecond scale; (iii) picosecond optoelectronic devices that convert between electronic and photon pulses; (iv) beyond state-of-the-art metrological measurement of the ampere.

To achieve this vision, UltraFastNano will establish a unique unprecedented platform for creating, manipulating and detecting quasi-particles excitations at the single-electron level in semiconductor heterostructures. We will unlock two major technological bottlenecks: a picosecond on-demand coherent single particle source and the single-shot detection of propagating excitations at the discrete charge level.

UltraFastNano gathers a team with complementary expertise in quantum nano-electronics, optics, nano-fabrication, microwave electronics, cryogenics, theoretical physics, applied mathematics and software engineering.