UltraFastNano is a FET-OPEN project under the call — FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking — of the EU HORIZON 2020 programme

Grant agreement ID: 862683

The aim of UltraFastNano is to develop electronic generation and detection in nanoelectronic devices at the picosecond scale

Goal of UltraFastNano: Capturing quantum dynamics on the picosecond scale

A key quantity used to characterise the performance of a quantum device is the ratio between two characteristic times: the decoherence time, i.e. the time a qubit can survive its quantum properties and the time it takes to complete a quantum operation. Most qubit technologies technologies inherently work at nanosecond time-scales. The EU-funded UltraFastNano project will pioneer new concepts at the crossroads between quantum optics and solid-state nanoelectronics.

Its aim is to achieve full control of quantum excitations that propagate through the devices on the picosecond scale, about three orders of magnitude faster than other quantum technologies. The project is expected to demonstrate flying qubits, picosecond electronic detectors and picosecond optoelectronic devices.

UltraFastNano gathers a team with complementary expertise in quantum nano-electronics, optics, nano-fabrication, microwave electronics, cryogenics, theoretical physics, applied mathematics and software engineering.

The progress made during the first review period (12 months) can be found here.