Institut NEEL, CNRS Grenoble, France

The Neel Institute is a national research laboratory of the French National Research Center (CNRS) for fundamental research in condensed matter physics. The institute has about 300 staff members (160 researchers; 140 engineers and technicians) and is closely connected to the University Grenoble Alpes. The institute is involved in teaching and training at the three levels of tertiary education: the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral diplomas. Training of approximately one hundred PhD students is one of the vital elements and success of the Institute’s research activities. In addition, the Institute actively cooperates in the organization of many International Science Schools. (e.g. “les Houches” summer and winter schools).


  • Christopher BÄUERLE (PI)
  • Giorgos GEROGIOU (post-doctoral researcher)
  • Hermann EDLBAUER (post-doctoral researcher)
  • Jun Liang WANG (PhD student)
  • Clement GEFROY (PhD student)
  • Pierre PERRIER (Engineer, Cryogenics)
  • Thierry CROZES (Engineer, Nanofabrication)
  • Corinne FELIX (Engineer, Optics)